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A Fresh Start by the Sea

During the period from 2021 to 2023, I have embarked on an exciting new chapter as an artist by moving to Tunquén in the Valparaíso Region to live near the sea. This transformative decision has opened numerous opportunities for me. I have explored new forms of artistic expression using acrylics and discovered watercolor, finding in its fluidity an endless source of inspiration.

Throughout this time, I have had the opportunity to exhibit my work in Santiago, as well as in Algarrobo and San Antonio. I have also led numerous creative workshops, fostering imagination and artistic expression among the participants. I take pride in co-founding the @ceramistaslitoral collective during this period, collaborating with other ceramic artists to create unique pieces and share our passion for ceramics.

Additionally, I have co-founded the community muralism collective @plaza_decolores alongside urban artist José Miguel Mella (Bsai), bringing art to the streets and fostering connection and beauty within our community.

This new phase represents a fresh start for me as an artist. Living by the sea has become a constant source of inspiration, and each day is an opportunity to explore and grow in my art.

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